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Welcome to Big Game Fishing Dubrovnik

Whether you're a beginner or expert you'll enjoy and love your fishing experience with the team at Big Game Fishing Dubrovnik.

You will be provided the opportunity to learn the most common fishing methods, the various types of equipment used as well as watch and participate in fishing activities. Our fully qualified and friendly crew will do all they can to catch you a fish.

All trips include everything you need to catch fish, including the latest fishing equipment, rods and reels as well as fresh and live bait.

Join us for the best fishing experience on the Adriatic! 

Call now to book an unforgettable experience +385 (0)91 419 1450

Wellcraft Coastal

Fully equipped with the latest fishing equipment. This is every fishermans dream boat. Designed for the best fishing experience.

Special offers

Contact us directly for special offers or special requests!